Draft of the MSCA 2018 Award Trophy


We invite you warmly to join the competition and use this chance to present your work to a large group of researchers and decision-makers!


In the tradition of the MSCA Conferences and in the line with the general theme of the Austrian Presidency Conference, specifically dedicated to the implementation and outreach beyond 2020, these awards will identify those researchers who are most promising and who were funded so far under MSCA. The shortlisted submissions in form of a video will be presented at the first day of the conference. The public will choose among these the winners during the event, announcing and awarding them during the conference dinner on October 1, 2018.

We invite you warmly to join the competition and use this chance to present your work to a large group of researchers and decision-makers!


Together with a short video, you should submit a current CV including the following information:

  • Full name and contact address/Email address/Telephone number;
  • Current affiliation and organisational address including country;
  • Reference number and title of your grant agreement and the MSCA Action under which your project was/is funded;
  • Link to your project and overall work;

Please send your complete application until Friday, August 31, 2018 at the latest to

Please note that only the 10 shortlisted submissions for each category will be notified latest by September 14, 2018. The notified contributors will have their travel and accommodation offered by the Austrian EU Presidency and will receive a certificate.


  1. Are you or have you been a MSCA Fellow? Are you available to attend the MSCA 2018 conference on October 1 and 2, 2018, in Vienna?
  2. Select the category you are applying for:
    1. Outreach of your MSCA Project Innovative/creative approach; effectiveness; Coverage
    2. Meeting societal challenges Innovative idea; multidisciplinarity; Approach
    3. Bridging (career) paths Entrepreneurial mind set; intersectoral linkage
  3. Draft and send your CV
  4. Follow the technical description regarding the application to produce your video or selfie.


The purpose of this video is a quick introduction to your project. We ask you for a speech facing the camera (selfie-style) performing an explanation of your project. You can accomplish this using the front camera of your mobile phone, or if you have the possibility to, a more professional recording device mounted on a tripod. The finished clip can be a one-shot video or an edited clip consisting of multiple parts and extra footage. Optionally, we give you the possibility to send us some extra video clips (e.g. to showcase your project).
How to create this video is completely up to you but we need you to comply with some basic specifications:

Length of your speech:
We only accept video clips with a maximum length of 3 minutes. It is very important to stick to this simple rule (whether you make a one-shot video or an edited version), because we don’t make any further changes to your speech.

Video format:
We strongly prefer video formats like MP4, MOV, H264, but if it works in VLC player we would accept nearly anything. As regards resolution anything between HD (1280x720 px), Full HD (1920x1080 px) or even 4k/Ultra HD (3840x2160 px) will do. Most modern mobile phones are able to create videos within these specifications. As a rule of thumb, flagship models of the last 2 years provide a good enough quality for this Purpose.

It is by far the most important aspect of any video. Please make sure that your device is able to record proper audio. The best case scenario would be a clean, noise-free, distortion-free and comprehensible audio track of your statement.

Please don´t use music (copyright issues)!

Extra clips:
Optionally, we give you the chance to send us up to 5 extra video clips. These extra clips are excluded from the total length. Nevertheless, the maximum amount of data shouldn’t exceed 2 GB (including the speech)!

Further notifications:

  1. Your scene should be lit well.
  2. Performing a selfie-style video, don’t shake the camera to strong.
  3. Take care of background noise
  4. Check the video file(s) in VLC Player.
  5. Ask yourself: Would I present this video at an Event?

We wish you success with your application!!